Roof Washing

At SafeWash PowerWash, we offer gentle roof washing. With our state-of-the-art low-pressure equipment, we can wash roof shingles, removing those black stain streaks, moss and lichen from the shingles without causing any damage. While cleaning a roof shingle, the life expectancy of a roof is based off the shingle granules. You cannot use high pressure to blast the mold, or moss off the roof or you will remove shingle granules, causing damage and losing life expectancy from the shingle. You must use a soft-wash system and gentle applications to safely remove and clean roofs. Some roofs take one application, but most roofs take multiple treatment applications to completely remove all black mold or moss from the roof. Please call one of our roof specialists and ask for a free quotation on roof cleaning. We are happy to assist you and get your roof looking brand new!