Safewash Powerwash

Cement Washing/Sealing (Cement/Aggregate/Brick/Pavers)

At SafeWash PowerWash, we only use the proper and highest quality washing/cleaning equipment on concrete surfaces. We have concrete washes from simple gently washes to heavy duty cleaning/restoration on cement surfaces. All washing includes a free concrete brightener during the cleaning process. Our top-of-the-line equipment is highly effective and produces professional results that last with beautiful restoration finishes.

There are several things to consider about concrete sealing. Prior to any sealing, the prep work must be done correctly, and the cement must be properly cleaned with state-of-the-art equipment to make sure you do not trap any unwanted dirt or mold in between the concrete and the seal coats that are applied. At SafeWash PowerWash, we have multiple types of sealers for all types of cement for brick, aggregate, concrete, and broom swept cement as well. Please contact us, and one of our sealing specialists will be able to assist you in which type of sealer you would need to make your cement safe, clean, presentable and secure!