Deck/Fence Washing/Sealing & Staining


Here at SafeWash PowerWash we provide an array of deck washes. From simple washing with chemical treatments to remove any surface mold, mildew, or dirt. We also offer deck stripping and deck restorations as well.

SafeWash PowerWash can clean service mold with a soft-wash on painted deck as well as Trex or composite deck with our state-of-the-art soft wash system to remove any surface mold safely and correctly with no damage. Our soft-wash system can clean vinyl fences and railings with our low-pressure cleaners.

We also offer more high-end washing such as deck restoration and deck stripping. Any decks that have not been cleaned in many years will start to turn grey and worn. Here at SafeWash PowerWash we can bring 20-year-old decks back to a brand-new look with our deck restoration process. All wood washing includes a free wood brightener application to give the freshly cleaned wood a bright and clean look.

There are several things to consider about wood sealing or staining. Prior to any wood sealing or staining, the deck must be properly cleaned and prepped correctly. Having incorrect prep work prior to sealing / staining could harm the longevity of the sealer or stain that is applied. When the wood is correctly prepared and cleaned it gives the stain a perfect opportunity to penetrate the freshly cleaned wood pores or gives the sealer and or paint a correct and proper way to be applied to the existing wood.

At SafeWash PowerWash we have multiple sealers and stains to select from that will best fit your needs for your type of deck.

Please contact us, and one of our sealing/staining specialists will be able to assist you in which type of product you would need to make your deck or fence safe, clean and presentable!